Choosing the land

Choosing land

To a large extent you will take what you can afford or is available, but under ideal conditions there are things worth looking for.

Orientation. If it faces North or North East, then winter sun  will make a huge difference to your lifestyle. 

Commuting. At first a long commute may seem alright, but after time it can consume much of your life.

Services, schools, doctors, shops, buses, etc. If your kids can walk to the bus it is a geat advantage.

Soil stability. If the trees are leaning down a slope, the soil is slipping. Do you need rock excavation, Is there expanding clay?

Sea level rise. Many maps are suppressed in order to sell land. However it is happening.

Flood prone land. Build here, and you are destined to stay poor.

Does the neighborhood suit your lifestyle?  Will you feel at home? Is there any pollution, noise, traffic, coal dust, diesel fumes, etc.